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15 March 2009

Finishing the transition...

That was quick.

I got a call two days ago from Apple saying the transition was pretty much complete. All I had to answer was a question about what user id did I use for ADC. Easy.

As it was quicker than I thought, I had yet to get my banking info in order, which took another day. With my new account in hand today at noon, I was able to complete the contract and banking info stuff on iTune Connect. At least I hope I did...

There may be a couple of hitches.
  1. My ADC/iPhone developer account has most things changed over to my company name, TechConficio, but various forms still default to my name with no option to edit it. Hmmm...
  2. On the contact info form, Apple asks for several contacts (main representative, financial, etc.), but as there’s only me right now, it seems not to like my split personalities. We’ll see if that’s a real problem
The main place this may be a problem is on the W-8BEN form. It gets generated by Apple and sent to you via email. I’m supposed to sign it and return it. But the name is not my company name, so I had to fix things with a pen and then send it in. Hope that works.

The other tricky thing, and something that’s specific to Canada and, thus, surely different in other countries, is getting the banking info right. I opened a chequeing account for TechConficio. On the iTunes Connect banking info form, the organization name is my name, but I can set the account holder name to TechConficio. So that’s okay. On the iTunes Connect form, the other important info is as follows
  • Branch/Branch ID: is the 5-digit branch ID as per the bottom of your cheque
  • Account Number: is branch ID concatenated with account number for a total of 12 digits
  • Bank Swift Code: can be got by calling your bank
  • The Transit number: is 4-digit institution number (add leading zeros if needed) concatenated with 5 digit branch id
Institution numbers in Canada can be found by Googling... Various cheque numbers are identified below

Hope this can help some of you...