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How To Add Images To Your Slider
  1. View your project in edit mode by clicking the edit button.
  2. Import or drag and drop an image into your editor.
  3. Double click the image and in the popup menu change the filename to something that starts with 'slide'.
  4. Add as many images as you want and make sure to also change the filenames to something that starts with 'slide' (e.g. slide-2.jpg, slide-3.jpg).

Software, Hardware, Research – Results


Transparent PNG and Internet Explorer 5.5/6

I thought I’d share this snippet with the RapidWeaver community, even though the problem is well known and the solution pretty easy to find online.

Specifically, in testing my logo for the site, a transparent PNG, my testers using IE 6 saw ugliness. A good discussion and link can be found at as posted by Drew McLellan.

Personal domain, MobileMe &

As per usual, published instructions don’t keep up with reality. When trying to redirect a domain name managed under I discovered the following hint/fix.

You can follow the directions on the NetFirms site, but will find that the steps under

B. Configure your CNAME via the Netfirms Control Panel:

need to be altered.

  1. When in the NetFirms Control Panel screen, select “Domain Manager” under the Domains tab.
  2. Pop open the settings for the desired domain name listed
  3. Enable the “Domain Forwarding to Specific URL”
  4. Now, instead of entering just the domain as specified in their instructions, be sure to add your user name.
  5. Enable Masking if so desired.
  6. Click “Update” to complete the process.
  7. (everything on the side is as per the NetFirms or instructions).

For TechConficio, the Domain Manager screen looks like the picture below just before I click “Update”.